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Yet another road through the woods

 untravelled on. He leads the way.

 The grasses brambles

 thorns and thickets

 yield submissive in recognition.


His mission - justice for all

His gifts - joy, love and peace

He lives with the poor

He lives for the poor


The poor in possessions

The poor in spirit

 The broken hearted poor

The helpless, hopeless poor

Even the heartless poor

The poor in each one of us.


He has come for the poor

 And champions their cause

 He comes to touch, to heal

To make body-heart whole again

He is here – Emmanuel

God is with us.

                                                   terryq: dec. 2015





When petals fall they fall unrushed

 Soft tossed by whims of wafting winds

 Brief riding them to nature’s hearth

 Transforming there still silently

 To  decompose in process slow

 New nutrient now for nascent seed.


Petals fall with no complaint

 In timely grace of letting go

 Allow for flower shift to hope

 Through seed that now takes centre stage

 For new convert to promise growth

From shoot to bush to bloom again.


Petals fall as daylight dusks

As age unfurls in mellow charm

As nature rides its cyclic swirl

To fresh awakes of destined glow.


We bloom our seasons, celebrate

 And grace our lives as petals fall.

                                                                                   terryq: may 15th, 2012



 Breath of fresh spirit air.. rejuvenating, refreshing, encouraging, making alive.

He is with us and nothing can go absolutely wrong.

Sooner or later everything will fall into place. That is surely a comforting thought..


It is God’s spirit that breathes into existence the vast sweep of the universe.


One is always astounded by the spectacular that one can see in even a microscopic section of outer space.

Breath taking dazzle of unimaginable grandeur endlessly unravelling...

Even a small seemingly insignificant corner is unbelievably mind-blowing and beautiful.


And there is always so much more....



"This colour-composite image of the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) was created from images obtained using the Wide Field Imager (WFI), an astronomical camera attached to the 2.2-metre Max-Planck Society/ESO telescope at the La Silla observatory in Chile.

The blue-green glow in the centre of the Helix comes from oxygen atoms shining under effects of the intense ultraviolet radiation of the 120 000 degree Celsius central star and the hot gas.

Further out from the star and beyond the ring of knots, the red colour from hydrogen and nitrogen is more prominent.

A careful look at the central part of this object which is also called as The Eye of God, reveals not only the knots, but also many remote galaxies seen right through the thinly spread glowing gas.

This image was created from images through blue, green and red filters and the total exposure times were 12 minutes, 9 minutes and 7 minutes respectively."


So much for us to marvel at. And yet some day.....


When all is uncreated, gone

There will remain pervading dark

Unfathomable endless space

And everlasting silent now

As vast creation empties whole

To all consuming nothingness.


Gone then the mystery of time

Celestial orbs that structured space

The dazzle daze of daily light

Gone – yielded to primeval state

‘ere breath divine brought into being

For man the world in all its glow.


In pitch-black dark His presence there

Unboundaried by space confines

Eternal yet as stillness fills

A universe of cosmic void

Before, beyond light space and time

He was, He is, He will be still!

                                                                                             terryq: 15th may, 2012

 God is. He just is. And He takes us to Himself so that we are with Him. Amen!






A touch of sky a touch of grace

 On rugged rough of broken road

Around green foliage softly wet

With early passing wash of rain


 The sky above a sky below

 Road travel blessed by all around

 Light footedly bright heartily

 Ahead and onwards will I go


The sun will burn the puddle dry

Evaporating back to skies

And grounded spirit too will rise

To elevated heights of glow


Through rough and rain through breeze and sun

 The journey spiritedly  made

Grace patches all along the way

Uplifting me to heights unknown.

                                                                                      terryq: april, 2013







they mirror now

the glory sun

in radiance faced

celestial path

with faith retraced


in reverence

bedazzle sky

life source from high.


sunflowers know

their source of bright

and grace bestowed

 face set aright

 from dawn to set

their worship eyes


lord in the skies...

                                                                                 terryq: may 2004






New dance waves race reforming shores

Different patterned each fresh wash

Ebb and flow re-coaxing change

unfolding swift paced textures new


Old flow histories  glow re-foamed

To bubble-froth delights and times


old rugged boat heaves launching out

T’wards horizon’s distant stretch

Old mended nets splash cast again

Uncertain now the promise catch


the men await largesse from sea

hearts brim return with gratitude


We carry forward all the old

Weather-worn enriched by toil

challenge crusted tempered lives

full flowered through crest and trough of days


each battle fought with common dare

unscathed not still strong survived


new faith dreams beckon us ahead

we trust new winds and water depths

we trust old hearts and habits learned

our lives in ever caring hands.


for all that has been: gratitude

for all that will be:  “YES!” again!


                                                                                                                terryq: new year 2012




leaf patterns

life patterns

bloom and decay

cyclic changes

diminishing yearning

 for immortality..


from silent edge

new life advance

fresh  growing dream

creation unyielding

annihilation challenged


another sunrise dawn

new green emerging

pond surface triumphant

vibrantly alive..


                                                                                                 terryq : Jan. 2007




in stagnant pond abloom aglow

despite neglect surround she shows

emergent beauty, form and grace

unsullied by her humble place


from murky waters radiant rise

awakened blush to azure skies

surround transformed, her presence there

adds floral bless to morning prayer..


                                                                                                                                                                     terryq : Jan. 2007





Monsoon mushroom careless sprout

On fallen branch of wayside tree.

No appeal extravagant

just adds to glory where it grows


Unnoticed for the most and yet

Glisten glow grow hush and hum

In tune with harsh surrounding there

Resilient to the rugged rough


The forest knows and caringly

Allows new space for smaller lives

Enough for sprout and creeping vine

For mushroom and majestic tree


In wooded spread harmoniously

Sun rain and wind in portions shared

From roots in earth to skyline thrust

In wild embrace luxuriant grow.

                                                                                                                                                                                               terryq: dec.2012



the seed

has no choice

about where

it will fall....

                       but once it touches earth

                       it is fully committed

                       to its growing.........




on rubbled heap begins new life

makes best of moisture, soil and sun

no questioning,  complaints or woes

resistance none to nature's spurt

despite the odds. More challenge life

more effort made and bounty seen

when shoot springs forth and leaf new green

to lord of life full homage pays.


Around luxuriant bushes bask

in glory. This, though less may seem,

in rubbled heap will quest its room

find pride of place in Eden's bloom.


                                                                       terryq:  9th oct. 2006




  He walks the wooded mists alone

in quest of comforts now unknown

unbeaten paths by spirit shown

determined is his will.

Around him naught of his desire

from vale up mountain slope much higher

through clouds to skies his heart aspires

dream he must fulfil.


Ease life and comforts left behind

the shadow ache  he doesn't mind

bridge to beyond  he yearns to find

so onward he does go.

Surrendering to glimpse of light

he wards off phantoms of the night

pursues unfaltering the height

that saints and sages know.


Once long ago he had a home

a hearth of joy, no will to roam

long celebrations polychrome

when every need was fed;

then one bright  morn he woke from dream

his soul stretched  out to vision scene 

his life packed up, a call supreme

his pilgrim journey led.


He gladly bears the day dust heat

the scorching sands that burn his feet

the chill of night when in retreat

he gathers for the day.

Then fresh renewed he carries on

with staff and bag his all belong

his spirit light, his heart a song

he quests along the way.


He isn't there, and yet he is

not destination but the bliss

of journey paths he finds that is

his life as meant to be .

A pilgrim still he will remain

the earth, seas, spirit-skies domain

for minstrel wanderings, he reigns

and walks on blissfully....


                                                                                                            terryq: 2nd October, 2004





It's lonely out there oftentimes

long distances yet longer run

through less traversed new wooded paths

light shadow patterns ever change

dreams silently quick pace pursued

ne'er fully sure  what lies ahead.


And yet the will to run, run on

committed to the dream once had

assurance known, fulfilment hoped

attained with steadfast effort made.


Much easier to stop and say:

"Enough! I've had enough!" Return

to old familiar  paths devoid

of charm and challenge, wreck debris

already lived, now safer lives.

Sunrise, sunset day after day

the yet again but safe routine

through second-handed bygone dreams.


The challenge is to run, run on

new paths discover, newer scenes

to newer quests, horizons reached

beyond horizons distant seen

an invitation yet beyond

with joy accepted, hope pursued

fleet footed spirit winged soul

to soarings trans-ethereal.


Quite suddenly the bridge is crossed

and one arrives to joy surprise

unchartered heavens way beyond

to stars no mortal eyes can see.


Behind a journey much enjoyed

ahead the skies and so much more

of life and wonders yet to be.


So I will run, run on till life

and breath still run run on in me.....


                                            terryq: 2003





Eons past it was that way

Rough beach expanse of unhewn stone

atop each other jumbled set

stretched out unfriendly barricade

to ebb and flow of wave and surf

Stone beach, forbidding structured ban

No barefoot prints of passaged walk

or races run on playful days.


And yet the distance sunrise glow

fluorescent sky in splendour form

Announcing promise days to come

Smooth passage to horizons reach


Wind weather, storm and heat of sun

relentless beat upon , break down

resisting obstinacy, stones

disintegrate to crumbled form

to pebbles,  subdued chips and then

with time , unhurried ages pass -

a generous spread of endless sand

soft grains that sift and gently dance

to melodies  of winds and waves.


The beauteous sky has been there yet

and glows as patience now triumphs

soft gentled sands  a passaged path

for dream walks, light-touch footprints brief

tell many tales, of anguish, pain,

of evening loneliness, despair

or comfort hand-in-hand as friends

or lovers interlude day’s rush

and slowly walk the sand embrace

caressed by sea winds, sunset skies

and lives of promise yet to come.


Stone beaches patience turned to sand.

And so will I from hardness, dark

Love weathered worn away the hate-

hurt memories destructive force

The damage healed now gentleness

uncrease the ridges, heal the scars

soft smoothened now I lightly tread

By comfort seas t'wards glory skies

Forgotten stones sand turned by time

New footprints now I leave behind...


                                                                           terryq : 2002





Once the skies now down to dirt

 From flight to fallen fatal state

For whim of freedom lost the heights

Alone discarded doomed to dust

 Unmourned by soaring eagle wings

It lies untended sorry plight.


Sin scorns us thus makes naught of grace

 and glory grandeur heaven heights

 Makes writhing wretched wallow state

Inheritance through wanton ways

 through rubble paths and gutter routes

 to disenchantment final goal.


But yet like prodigal return

The sinner has love’s graceful chance

The Father waits and gentle calls

To banquet times and pastures new

“Forever will I take you back

Return to me with all your heart.”

                                                           terryq: June, 2013




New Light



Sometimes one frets the unseen sun

or celebrates the floral hues

in silhouette  or different seen

with sun behind and bright between

full light on face and colours glow

in sun embrace  their glory show.


There is to life this side and that

the mountain peak, the plain most flat,

the height of glory, dance and song,

despair, distress, when all goes wrong.

From where I am  that side or here

both sides remain though one not clear.


I need believe when darkness falls

that lights are there beyond it all

though colours dulled might seem but yet

the radiant hues in silhouette

will turn around when sun's changed place

in orbit  sky reveals the grace

of shadowed nature, things dark seemed

full glory there as one might dream


I quest the lights through shadows now

I know beyond the dark, somehow

will burst the dazzle  I will see

the way thing are and meant to be

through chasm, abyss, night descend

New light is there at tunnel end.


                                                terryq : 6th May, 2004






It stands alone at edge of land

in firm committed faithful stand

the vale below in viewed command

through lull or storm  that blows.

Assigned that post by will divine

in duty bound through rain and shine

to transient passers-by a sign

of sentinel repose.


For company the winds, the sky

the monsoon mist clouds floating by

the shrubs and grass around that lie

while seasons come and go.

And every evening sunsets seen

 across wild forests evergreen

past vales and hills that stand between

horizon skies aglow.


 Through blazing summer, winter cold,

wet monsoon seasons  that unfold

each dawning day will yet behold

its dedicated stance.

 Uncowered by the winds of change

unenticed by offers strange

no yield to move or rearrange

to other music chants.


Just now quite shorn of majesty

 It barely seems what trees should  be

lush foliage once now history

it stands still graced alone.

While other sentinels have passed

to newfound borders somewhere past

 where lights abound no shadows cast

 to ranges new unknown.


Some sentinels fall down and die

this one will stand upright, the sky

 will hearken it's last wind borne sigh

 and celebrate  a life

well spent fulfilling joyfully

a promise kept unfailingly

the way a sentinel should be

 through sunshine, storm or strife.


I pass that cliff edge  and I see

 still stand there sentinel the tree

 old, graceful yet, reminding me

of life as I must live.

 Though challenge come from day to day

seductions to some other way

when Master asks me will I stay,

 response affirmative!

.                                                                                terryq:  1st Sept. 2004



Misty Curve


From where I stand the road is clear

 and leads with confidence ahead

 around me fresh the morning mists

and vibrant grasses wet with rain

soft sunlight patches play a tune

to which sweet monsoon minstrels trill

their rise-and-shine awaken songs

my heartstrings pluck, my spirits fill.


 The here-and-now I reach with grace

 traversed new paths adventure ways

through ups and downs, my footsteps sure

the earth safe firm beneath my feet.

 I've walked the road, now no regrets

despite  the sometime seasons rage

discomfort, doubts and wonderings

if this the road that I must tread.


 Just now ahead the misty curve

what lies beyond I cannot see

I do not know nor wish to know

the challenge, risk, the dare surprise

elation leap, new sunlit skies,

long tortuous path, beyond what prize?


 I step ahead light-footedly

My hand in His, enough for me....

                                                                                 terryq : august, 2003